This Sticker Tells You When Your Avocado's Ripe

We all know how important avocados are to mainstream food culture these days; and if we had to guess, one or two of you have enjoyed some avo-toast at least once during brunch over the past year.

But when it comes to purchasing avocados at the actual grocery store -- yes, as in not just ordering some avo-centric dish at your favorite eatery -- do you actually know what to look for to determine if it's ready to be sliced into and devoured?

One lucky Reddit user stumbled upon a pretty cool sticker that aims to help customers decipher whether or not their avocados are in prime condition to be purchased and consumed.

Essentially, the sticker comes with a color chart that ranges from "not ripe" to "firm ripe" to the ideal "soft ripe" color. Shoppers can match up the skin of their avocado to the color chart to help them determine what stage their pick is in. Then they can decide whether they want to purchase a ready-to-eat fruit or one that will mature to their preferred ripened stage.

Of course, if you are somebody who really likes avocados and buys them on the reg, you probably know that the color of your avocado is really only one factor; you should also be feeling the consistency of the avocado to properly judge its ripeness.

Remember to feel all of the sides well; the avocado should have some give, and not be mushy. Sometimes, the avocado on one side will feel fine, but the other side has a hidden pocket of smash, which is only going to result in you slicing open your avocado at home, and being greeted by half-green, half-brown inner flesh.


May the avocado odds be ever in your favor, fam!