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This 'Stranger Things' Restaurant Menu Looks Awesome

Do you miss biking around with Dustin, Mike, Lucas and Will? Are you hungrier than Eleven in a diner?

This 'Stranger Things' Restaurant Menu Looks Awesome

First of all, if this means nothing to you, get thee to Netflix and binge on "Stranger Things" as soon as possible so that we can talk. You won't regret it. Finished? Ok, good. Now that we've cleared that up, and you're all aboard the #JusticeForBarb train with us, we're here to tell you that there is so much you can do with your life while you wait for season two and nurture that empty spot in your heart. You can start by eating your feelings with us.

It will be an awesome feeling to eat by choosing from Stranger things restaurant menu. Head over to London for a visit to Lucky Chip, a hip burger and beer-type spot that just unveiled a "Stranger Things"-themed menu that they will be serving for the entire month of October. And it looks so, so good! 

At any of their four locations around the London area, you can order such offerings as the Demogorgon Burger, the Eggos Waffle Burger, Stranger Wings, the Up Fried Down and lots of other cool stuff that frankly looks pretty delicious.


Bonus: They also have a lot of cool-looking cocktails as well as a good-sized beer and wine menu, in case eating the Hopper Whopper gives you feelings that you don't know how to deal with. While you're in town, you should also totally check out Strangest Things, a theme night that is touring around various nightclubs in England for the rest of October, according to Metro.

If you make it to one of the special events, you can enjoy the fun ambiance created by strategically placed chopper bikes, way too many Christmas lights strung across the ceiling and a DJ playing 80s hit synth pop songs.


Oh, and there's also a shrine to everybody's favorite character who deserved so much more.


London, we're ready. #StrangerThings #StrangestThings #OsloHackney

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Can't make it out to the UK? We feel you. Tide yourself over until a themed event comes your way by making this luscious Eggo waffle cocktail, because everyone knows that Eggos are pretty much the best thing ever (recipe here).

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