This Subway Employee Was Caught On Camera Zapping Bugs All Over The Food (Video)

Ah, yes, the old Subway motto: Subway, eat flies.

Oh wait, no. That’s just at this Subway in Franklin, Indiana, where an employee was caught on tape zapping flies above all those fresh ingredients on Sept. 12 (video below).

Justin Clemons, the man who recorded the video, told WISH that he was shocked and surprised by the entire buggy situation, and because he was afraid that nobody would believe him, he decided to record the entire incident.

Clemons then shared the 55-second cell phone video with his Facebook page; as of Sept. 14, the video in question has been viewed more than 81,000 times.

“I think the power of social media has really taken over, I mean, like I said I had no idea it would grow to the way it was,” Clemons told Wish TV.

“Everything was pretty normal you go and order your food and go and sit down and it was at that point where my back was [pointed] to them,” he continued. “I started to hear a few different zaps and noises that just weren’t normal.”

Clemons had stopped at the Subway with his two sons after a golf match when he saw the employee crouched behind the counter.

“It was my 13-year-old son that ended up saying I’m pretty sure he’s using one of those bug zappers,” he said.

Clemons then pulled out his phone to begin recording the scene.

“Honestly, I think my kids were pretty disgusted as well,” he said. “Because they had noticed it and asked if it was normal. You have a 13-year-old and a 4-year-old asking.”

Per Wish TV, a spokesperson for Subway issued the following statement: “Food safety is our top priority. All Subway restaurants are individually owned and operated. As soon as the restaurant owner was made aware of the situation, he immediately took action by closing his restaurant and discarding all open products. He has contracted a professional cleaning service to ensure that the restaurant is in top working order.”

Additionally, Clemons received a Facebook message from Subway.

“We truly regret you had this experience Justin, and we are looking into this right now,” reads the Facebook post. “Food safety is our top priority, and we are working with the franchisee to address immediately.”

Watch the video in question below: