This Super Easy Steak Hack Is Going To Change Your Life (Video)

If you love good steak, but are on a budget, you better check out this quick and easy trick (video below).

Here's how to make any cheap cut of beef as deliciously tender as filet mignon. Seriously. No black magic involved -- just a bit of creativity.

In a YouTube video posted on the "Cooking With Jack Show" channel, Jack Scalfani transforms $1.99 per pound meat into a beautiful, succulent steak. Using only salt.

"What that does is a way of taking a really tough, cheap piece of garbage steak and making it tender and amazing," he says in the video.

If you want to save money but don't want to forgo the taste of expensive beef cuts, check out his trick called the "Poor Man's Filet Mignon."

He takes two cuts of the same, cheap beef and places them in two pans, side-by-side. Next, he covers one of the cuts completely with sea salt.

He says that every inch of the steak corresponds to an hour of leaving the salt on. For example, if the steak is half an inch thick, you should let it sit with the salt for half an hour.

He then lets the salt-covered meat sit for the recommended time, and then rinses all the salt off the cut, noticing that the salt has stretched out and opened up the meat. 

He compares the untreated piece of meat with the treated one, which appears much looser and more tender.

Finally, he grills both cuts the same way, and the difference between the two is noticeable. He tears them both with his fingers, and the meat of the previously salted steak is much easier to pull apart and breaks right through. 

When he tastes the two, he says the treated cut tastes like an upgrade to a New York Steak, and is much easier to chew than the other cut. 

Easy, cheap and delicious. So, are you going to try this?