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This Super-Sleek Coffee Machine Could Be The Next Keurig

For some of us, there's no such thing as reality, or manners, or the ability to function — not until before some sort of caffeinated beverage has been consumed in the morning. 

While I personally prioritize actually consuming my coffee over the coffee's actual aesthetic — those rainbow lattes mean nothing to me before my first sip — those more sophisticated than I am yearn for a modern, sleek looking machine to pour out their morning brew.

Enter: the Cyclone Belt coffee machine. Inspired by elements of Dyson products, the machine is the brainchild of Korean industrial designer Jaehyo Lee and PDF HAUS, and is meant to capture the hub-less style of Dyson’s Fan and Hairdryer. 

“All you do is place the cup in the negative space, run the controls, and out pours the coffee, tasty as ever,” reads the product description at Yanko Design.

"The design resembles the bladeless fan in aesthetic, except for the little extrusion on top, which is where you store your coffee beans," the description continues. "Even the controls limit themselves to three simple buttons, which goes to show how smart and effective the machine is at doing its job.

The overview concludes saying, "The Cyclone Belt uses Dyson’s proprietary cyclone system for precise control over moisture and temperature. It also looks absolutely badass, making your Keurig look like a puny little toy!"

The gadget is currently sketched in four potential colors: blue, orange, violet and silver. As of July 7, it is merely a concept (meaning it has not yet been manufactured for purchase).

Would you buy a Cyclone Belt coffee machine if it was put into production?