This Valentine's, Snap A Pic Of Your Food, Not Your Bae

Now this is a trend I'm sure we can all get behind!

With Valentine's Day on the horizon, plenty of people are preparing for a special day that is made specifically to allow them to honor their significant others.

But for single folks, a-romantic folks, or folks in relationships who just don't want to celebrate the holiday for political, personal or other reasons, sometimes seeing all of the love plastered around social media on Valentine's Day can get a bit grating.

Here's the good news, though: Nobody gets tired of checking out delicious looking meals on their social media feeds!

Right? Right? Or have we been totally annoying all of our Facebook and Instagram friends?

As it happens, this year food pictures are slated to be more widely circulated around the web on Valentine's Day than are sappy romantic pictures between couples, according to a study by Co-op, per Metro.

Apparently, only 8 percent of couples are planning on posting photos of their #bae online on Feb. 14, whereas 20 percent of people are super pumped about posting a drool-worthy food snap instead.

That definitely makes the holiday media presence more inclusive, considering that even though not all of us are into Valentine's Day, pretty much everybody needs to eat.

Additionally, Co-op found that many of the most popular pastimes for couples involve food -- we're talking what you snack on for Netflix and Chill, where you go (out for a romantic dinner), how you show your boo you care (breakfast in bed) and more.

How are you planning on spending your Valentine's Day? Are you going out, or staying in?

But most importantly of all -- will you be uploading a sexy food photo to the web? Let us know in the comments!