This Vegan Milk Tastes Just Like Dairy Milk, Just Without The Cow

Forget the alternative dairy-milk craze; the hottest new alternative for dairy is actually dairy itself -- sort of.

Confused? Basically, with younger consumers turning to beverages made from nuts, hemp, soy, and other dairy-alternatives (often for ethical concerns), the consumption of cow’s milk has been in steady decline for a while now.

But what if you could somehow consume a vegan, lactose-free dairy milk? That is, what if you could drink milk made from cows, without involving cows in the process of producing the milk at all?

It turns out, a food tech startup based in Berkeley, California, has taken on that challenge, and aspired to create an “animal-free dairy milk” made from proteins derived from fermented yeast, reports Upstart Business Journal.

The company, called Perfect Day, aims to deliver the taste and texture of actual cow’s milk; it just wants to obtain that milk in a “cleaner, greener, and kinder” manner.

What’s more, unlike other dairy-free milk alternatives, Perfect Day milk is multi-functional: On its own, it’s just milk, but it can easily create any number of those dairy-derivatives we all know and love. We’re talking cheese, yogurt, and ice cream.

"We really love cheese," co-founder Perumal Gandhi said to Upstart Business Journal, and, referring to the commonly unsatisfying quality of other dairy-free equivalents. 

Co-founder Ryan Pandya added to Quartz, “People want those better options.”

Per Upstart Business Journal, Perfect Milk has raised $4 million so far, proving that plant-based proteins are still climbing in popularity, and in high demand. The company is hoping to launch its product within the next year, and hopes that it will retail for the same price as organic milk.

"Technology has finally reached a point where we can make these products without animals," said Pandya.

"We're not afraid of uprooting the dairy industry because there's room for everyone," Pandya said. "But we believe we can unleash the power of milk."