This Vlogger Prepares Elaborate Lunches At The Office (Video)

Everybody has had that one co-worker in their life ... You know, the one that seems to think it's appropriate to bring the most pungent food of all time to the office, heat it up in the microwave to make it extra fragrant, and then eat it smack in front of your face (video below).

Different cultures have different cuisines, and with different cuisines come different smells, and that is OK. What is unacceptable is taking any kind of supremely smelly food (even if it's a nice smell!) into a small, cramped space and forcing everybody around you to breathe in the aroma of your meal while you chow down in a professional setting. It's distracting.

But there are exceptions -- for badass women, apparently.

Meet Little Ye. She's a Chinese vlogger who couldn't care one iota about conventions in the office, and has made an array of videos showcasing how she brings not only her lunch to her office, but all the cookware she requires to prepare her lunch -- and then cooks elaborate meals right at her desk on camera.

What makes some of her videos so entertaining is the sheer creativity she has. While many people eat the same, uninspired lunch for countless days of the week (because it's practical, or easy, or just what a loved-one took the time to prepare for you), Little Ye creates and consumes so many different meals at her office!

What's more, you get to watch all of Little Ye's co-workers go about their workdays seemingly totally unimpressed (or maybe at this point just desensitized) by her elaborate cooking methods and lunch meals. Something about watching a bunch of folks just concentrating on their work and computers while she straight up chows down is hilarious and satisfying.

What do you eat for lunch at the office?