This Wearable Band Will Tell You How Drunk You Are

A new gadget called Proof, by Milo Sensors, has the power to revolutionize the way we monitor whether or not we've had too many drinks at happy hour.

The wearable wristband monitors your blood alcohol content while you drink, making it possible for you to determine whether you're ready to drive at the end of the night. According to Mashable, the wristband reads alcohol molecules through your skin.

Proof features a soft wristband and a disposable cartridge that is capable of tracking your alcohol activity for over 12 hours. The accompanying app works kind of like the fitness tracking apps, allowing you to check in on your current status. The difference, of course, is that you're tracking a very specific kind of activity.

Milo Sensors has even taken things one step further, and created an additional feature where your friends and family can monitor your (and each other's) level of drunkenness. This could be a good or a bad thing … On the one hand, it could be something parents get for their college student so they can keep a very close eye on the unlucky kid, or it could lead to increased shenanigans. For example, kids could get carried away in competition of who gets the drunkest. Perhaps an age limit on this device would be prudent?

Daily Mail reports that there's also a very useful feature that enables you to set your limit ahead of time and the app will alert you when you've reached it. Likewise, it can predict how drunk you'll be later on, or tell you what time you'll be sober and ready to drive.

Proof was developed under rigorous testing by NIH, who spent $100,000 determining just how effective it was. As it turns out, NIH reports that it's about as accurate as consumer-bought breathalyzer tests. Like I said, this could revolutionize the way we monitor our drinking. It's scheduled to come out later in 2017, and is expected to cost about $100 to $150. No more excuses for your DUI's!  … Not that there were any to begin with.