This Woman Hates Pancetta So Much She's Serving Jail Time Because Of It

Talk about being hangry.

When a man made his girlfriend dinner in a small southern town in Gislaved last April, he probably thought he was just doing something nice. Instead, however, the kind gesture got thrown back in his face -- literally -- when the 47-year-old girlfriend found pancetta in the sauce of her ragu.

Per The Local, she flung the pasta dish back at her boyfriend, hitting him on the eyebrow while yelling, "you can have your f***ing pancetta.”


Both the man and woman were allegedly under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident, per court documents seen by The Local. However, the woman has now been convicted by Jönköping District Court for assault after the man called the police from the garden, stating that the blow from the plate had left him dazed.

Apparently, before the pancetta-induced rage occurred, the man had informed his girlfriend that he was planning on having a birthday party for his son -- a party she was not invited to, due to his family’s disapproval.

Unfortunately, he is not quite sure whether it was the party or the pancetta that truly upset his girlfriend.

Regardless, the court ruled that the attack was unprovoked, and sentenced the woman to a month in jail.