This Woman Teaches How To 'Cook With Your Mouth' (Video)

Call it "mama birding," "pre-mastication" or "kiss feeding" -- it's, unfortunately, trending right now and it has little to do with cute weaning babies or animal courtship feeding. Unlike sensitive baby teeth and typical animal behavior, "cooking with your mouth" is what happens when laziness and aichmophobia (fear of sharp objects) collide. It's human innovation at its worst.

This nearly six-minute tutorial, below, is led by one Riva Godfree (real name, Iska Lupton), a serious instructor in the art of spewing and chewing all kinds of foods for a Christmas Turkey Stuffing dish that no one will ever, ever want to eat.

London-based filmmaker Nathan Ceddia uploaded the video to YouTube before the holidays, instructing us how one can make stuffing "using the safety and comfort of your own mouth." The entire video is Godfree going down the ingredients list, chewing, biting, spitting, hands-free into a large bowl. Said ingredients include: onions, a lemon, a raw egg.

Before you ask the obvious question ("Dear god, why?"), here's some context. Australian artist Nathan Ceddia is the figure behind this spewy cooking technique that poses a safer way to cook. "I myself love cooking but I'm not so fond of knives, and the thought of chopping off a finger frightens the hell out of me," Ceddia told Munchies. The artist created a new style of cooking to safeguard himself from injury, a style that harkens back to hunter-gatherers, when our less evolved, bipedal ancestors may have used their teeth and spit to concoct the family dinner around the campfire. The human mouth has endless capabilities, Ceddia argues.

Viewers were disgusted, taking to social media to argue against this nontraditional cooking method. One Facebook user wrote, "This is exactly why I don't eat at other people's house. Now this image is going to forever be in my head when someone asks do I want to taste the food they cooked.. Thanks!"

While other less grossed-out users speculated the video could be a spoof, an eagle-eyed user pointed out that Ceddia's website directs you to a "compilation of performance art and subversive photography/film projects. So this might be some weird performance art to push people's buttons."

If so, Ceddia succeeded.