Thought Pizza Was Safe From Pumpkin Spice? Think Again

Ever noticed that the best foods start with the letter "P"? Pasta, potatoes, parmesan, peaches, peanut butter...

Pizza... pumpkin spice...

Coincidence? Absolutely not.

It's PSL time, and one chef believes the reason for the season is to experiment with pumpkin in ways few have tried before. So the brave man created a pumpkin spice pizza.

The pie's sauce is a winning combination of fall flavors like pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves. It's then topped with, not one, but two cheeses -- soft fior di latte (similar to mozzarella) and creamy ricotta -- plus sage and a touch of honey.

The finished product (photo up top) is certainly reminiscent of a pumpkin pie, but take one look at the thing and there will be no mistaking its pizza identity. 

The man behind the crust is pizza aficionado Anthony Rotio. He's a marketing director at Anheuser-Busch and the inventor of the Pizza Shelf, which is a patent-pending baking steel that will enable pizza lovers to bake Neopolitan-style pizzas in 800-degree ovens.

​They'll be able to make the pumpkin spice pizza with the Pizza Shelf, too -- Rotio tested it.

The shelf is in the works, but in the meantime, Rotio's Instagram is full of saliva-inducing pizza pics.

"I liked the idea of a 'pumpkin pie," Rotio told Cosmopolitan. "Once the fior di latte-PSL pun clicked in my head, it was just a matter of picking a few more ingredients that worked together," he said.

Though his most recent creation would suggest otherwise, Rotio isn't particularly enamored with pumpkin spice. His his wife, though, loves the fall. This seasonal pie is for her, he said.

Need ingredients to make a PSP of your own? Here's the ultimate autumnal shopping list to get you started.