Thought Wood-Fired Pizza Wasn't An Option While Camping? You Were Wrong

Pretty often, friends will invite me camping, and I'm like, "Ohhh, I would, but there's no way I'll be able to make wood-fired pizza and charge my phone out in nature. Sorry, guys."

My tried-and-true excuse is now outdated.

Environmentally friendly Kickstarter company BioLite has launched a PizzaDome, which, you guessed it, can cook pizza and charge a phone in the forest

The truly life-altering device has a ceramic pizza stone and built-in thermometer. It uses the same heating and electricity system as its predecessor BaseCamp, a similar wood-burning stove that also charges things. 

You can snag your PizzaDome online for $69.95. Then your next camping escapade will consist of fine dining and having enough charge on your iPhone to Instagram it, all while using zero fossil fuel. #glamping