Throw A Ferocious Shark Week Party With These Snacks (Recipes)

Throw A Ferocious Shark Week Party With These Snacks (Recipes)

There's no better way to celebrate Discovery Channel's Shark Week than by kicking back with friends and family and enjoying fierce eats and drinks. Whether you're shark-obsessed or you cower in fear at the sight of them, you're sure to love these shark-themed treats, perfect for oceanic enjoyment throughout the exciting week.

Daring Drinks

Since it's not a party without a mean beverage selection, here are a few options for shark-like libations -- from mocktails to cocktails.

Shark Bite Cocktail

This blue rum and pineapple drink gets its bloody effect from a splash of grenadine, reminiscent of the gory shark attacks you'll witness onscreen, except much tastier. 

Shark Attack Sangria

Mimic terrifying bloodied waters with this red wine sangria, complete with a floating shark gummy.

Shark Bait Soda

Sharks circle tempting bait in this nonalcoholic beverage, made from a bottom layer of crushed maraschino cherries (chum), ice cubes filled with gummy sharks (predators) and Sprite for a sharky twist on a Shirley Temple.

Antagonistic Apps

Get into shark mode with these toothsome appetizers, sure to get you hungry for killer footage.

Shark Fins and Slow Swimmers

Even the most last minute of hosts can throw together these shark fins and chum, made with blue corn tortilla chips and your favorite salsa.

Shark Teeth

Shark Teeth

Cut your favorite cheeses into the shape of shark's chompers, and your guests will be delighted. Serve them with assorted crackers or, better yet, Goldfish.

Shark Tooth Puppy Chow

Shark Tooth Puppy Chow

Bugles are good for far more than balancing on your fingers and eating one by one. Here, they're shark teeth, deliciously coated in peanut butter, melted chocolate and powdered sugar.

Shark Bait Party Mix

Shark Bait Party Mix

Give your guests something to nervously snack on as they watch sharks surveying their prey. This cute mix is made with popcorn resembling sea foam, peanut butter crackers resembling sand dollars, gummy rings resembling life preservers and much more.

Watermelon Shark

Because no summer party is complete without refreshing watermelon -- and a killer centerpiece -- you should definitely be adventurous and carve this watermelon shark. The link leads to a surprisingly easy step-by-step tutorial. Don't worry, there are pictures.

Bigger Bites

In case you have a hankering for real food, we've got you covered. Think classic party foods that are delicious and easy to prepare, made with fish to resemble shark food.

Tempting Tilapia Tacos

Feeding time might not be so hot for fish, but it's a great time for sharks. See why with these quick and healthy fish tacos.

Herbed Shrimp Pesto Pizza

Herbed Shrimp Pesto Pizza

Made with shrimp, mozzarella and store-bought pesto piled on pre-made flatbread, this fragrant pizza could not be simpler or tastier.

Mini Fish and Chips

It's hard to go wrong with breaded fish, fries, cocktail sauce and a squeeze of lemon. Enjoy the flavors of this timeless pub meal with the ease of your hands and from the comfort of your couch.

Unlucky Swimmer Fingers

These pastry-enveloped mozzarella sticks are so good, you'll forget the frightening image of your finger being munched upon by a shark.

Devilishly Good Desserts

Not much is sweet about sharks, but since you're bound to crave dessert after all that TV, here's how to create some sweetness of your own.

Shark Bite Cupcakes

These fluffy, buttercream-frosted white cupcakes might look pleasant at first glance, except the frosting is studded with an edible shark fin, and the inside is filled with strawberry jam "blood."

Shark Popsicles

Fill your trusty popsicle mold with lemonade or a sports drink, add shark gummies and see how many licks it takes to get to the surprising center of these refreshing pops.

Ocean Floats

Hawaiian Punch and Sprite get an oceanic twist with a dollop of vanilla foam-esque ice cream and Swedish Fish. If you're worried about staying up to finish those later night episodes, this sugary drink will keep you wide awake.