Time To Get Applebee's $1 Long Island Iced Teas (Photo)

It appears Applebee's is keen on switching its "Neighborhood-friendly" ambiance to a "Local Watering Hole," by taking a second swing at dollar value drinks, with "Dollaritas" preceding the new, "Dollar L.I.T.," a drink notorious for lowering inhibitions down the bottomless pit. Houston Press dubs the casual grille and bar restaurant chain as "Club Apple."

There are not many substantial differences between Applebee's and, say, "Ye Olde Tavern." Both open until the wee hours of the morning; most bars in NYC, 4:00 a.m.; Applebee's, 2:00 a.m. Booze, karaoke, dim lighting and DJs playing tired radio hits, all can be enjoyed (or not) at both establishments.

So it seems Applebee's is ponying up, serving customers another round of dollar deal booze, only this time birthed as one of the strongest mixed drinks you could order. Concocted with rum, vodka, gin, tequila, triple sec -- usually all prepared with 75-proof alcohol -- then poured over ice, mixed with sweet-and-sour mix, and finally topped with a splash of cola, the Applebee's L.I.T. is an almighty drink to order. And it's all yours, for the low, low price of $1, all while under the a seemingly innocuous roof of a "neighborhood" bar and grille restaurant.

Patrick Kirk, the restaurant chain's vice president of beverage innovation, called the latest drink offering "kind to your pocket book," which is a wry thing to say about such a "hammerable" cocktail, served in an indulgent 10- to 14-ounce glass. The price to alcohol ratio puts PBRs and Natty Lights to shame.

Could Club Apple be the place to go for pre-game rituals? It could happen -- 1,750 Applebee's locations are participating in Dollar L.I.T.'s nationwide until 2018.

Unlike most bars that close their kitchens by midnight, Applebee's serves menu items until closing. Remarkably, it is still within reason to order a few burgers and wings, even a Triple Chocolate Meltdown, between trips to the black-lit dance floor, that is, if you feel so inclined.

Plus, with the holidays just along the horizon, it's good to know your neighborhood bar and grille is there when you need space from overzealous family members. The Dollar L.I.T.s are also, conveniently, offered every single day until 2018. Coincidence?