Tips For Jesus' Leaves $1,500 Tip On $5.71 Bill (Photo)

A server in San Francisco received a generous surprise after social media sensation Tips For Jesus left a $1,500 tip.

According to Eater, the lavish tippers recently visited a new sports cantina in the Mission District, Bar San Pancho. The bill was only $5.71, so the lucky server received a 26,000 percent tip when Tips For Jesus left $1,500. It seems that the generous tippers were out to celebrate after the Golden State Warriors game, based on the #GoWarriors hashtag.

In a 2014 interview with Modern Luxury, the anonymous tipper behind the Tips For Jesus movement talked about the reasons he’s chosen to bless everyday people with his fortune.

"It's just about helping people out," he explained. "It's not hard to give back."

By February 2014, the group had left about $130,000 in tips. Through their social media fame, the generous diners hope to inspire others to give back, as well.

"It’s not taking a piece of the pie," the anonymous source said. "It’s making the pie bigger."

Despite the name of the initiative, the benefactor asserted that the group was agnostic.

"When justified by great service, magnanimous gratuities are achievable by everyone, no excuses," he explained.

Jack Selby, former vice-president of PayPal, is rumored to be the man behind the extraordinary tipping movement.