@tipsforjesus Awards Lucky Server $1,500 Tip At Yankee Stadium

The anonymous man behind the Instagram account tipsforjesus has risen again, this time to leave a $1,500 tip on a $52 bill for lucky server "Javier" at Yankee Stadium, as reported on the philanthropist's Instagram account May 11.

The tipsforjesus account, which boasts 90,200+ followers as of May 12, has made a name for itself over the past few years for leaving highly-generous gratuities for multiple surprised (and elated) workers in the service industry.

However, even though the Instagram’s tagline reads, “Doing the Lord's work, one tip at a time,” the man behind the account told San Francisco Magazine that his actions are “agnostic” and not Christian generosity in a 2014 interview, as reported by Modern Luxury.

“The way he tells it, the whole Tips for Jesus ‘movement’ was created as something of a guerrilla effort to encourage more people of means to give back—to foster a kind of ad hoc charity culture attractive to a generation that may be turned off by traditional philanthropy,” reads the interview.

“Tipping $100 on a $3.99 Oreo Blender Blaster at a Sunset Boulevard Denny’s may lack some of the gravitas of, say, Marc Benioff’s endowment of a children’s hospital—but it’s direct, instantly gratifying, and relatively easy. ...”

Check out some of the servers who have been #blessed by the account in the past below:

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