Tired Of Tea Bags? Well Now There's Tea In A Can! Would You Try It?

And not like coffee you can get in a can, like Folger's or something. This is more like a hairspray can. Or is that an unappetizing comparison?

No More Tea Bags is a new brand of tea that comes in an aerosol can, and can be sprayed into your cup as foam. Then you only have to add hot water and sugar. This allows you do to away with the troublesome tea bag.

Was it really that troublesome, though?

Product Founder Guy Woodall seems to think so. According to Metro News, Woodall feels that we waste too much time trying to brew the perfect cup of tea nowadays, and that we don’t let it steep enough to get the flavor it’s meant to have (probably because we’re so impatient). With the aerosol can, you can eliminate the need for brewing and steeping altogether, and still get just the right amount of flavor. Just use more or less of the foam to your taste.


According to No More Tea Bags themselves, this is a better way to enjoy the brew. “We brew proper leaf tea for the perfect amount of time so you don’t have to, and it’s never underbrewed or stewed. All you do is add hot water. You can easily control the strength, it only takes two ticks and it’s delicious. All this without a tea bag in sight!”

The canned teas come in a line of flavors, including regular black, earl gray and jasmine, and each can contains about 20 cups of tea.

As you can probably imagine, the new tea has been met with some confusion and a little hostility, but change always brings confusion and hostility.

The best way to see how this will go over is to give it some time. Check back in about a year or so and see if everyone is drinking tea from a can. Personally, I like loose-leaf tea, but who am I to judge?