Tom Brady Proves He Can Deflate Wallets As Well As Footballs

It's hard to look at NFL quarterback Tom Brady's perfect life and not be at least a little bit jealous. Not only has the sports superstar won four Super Bowls, but he is also married to the world's highest paid supermodel, Gisele Bundchen.

Even so, it's a little hard to believe that the first printing of Brady's new $200 cookbook, the "TB12 Nutrition Manual" has already sold out. While the quarterback has been very vocal about his strict diet in recent months, we can't say it sounds like something we'd like to try—especially for $200.

If the interviews are to be believed, the list of foods that Brady doesn’t eat far outnumbers the list of ingredients he does consume. He avoids everything from olive oil to tomatoes—foods that us mere mortals consider healthy—and has even been quoted as saying that he doesn’t think frosted flakes count as food.

“The TB12 Nutrition Manual” not only follows the same food rules that Brady himself adheres to in real life, but also features a cover made from real wood. While the cookbook includes only 89 recipes to date, the quarterback has promised that new recipes will become available to customers as soon as they’re developed.

Despite our personal skepticism, however, Brady fans are scooping up the nutrition manual faster than the publisher can print them. While the initial batch has already sold out, never fear—Brady’s website is already accepting preorders for the next batch of the “TB12 Nutrition Manual.” If you’ve got $200 to spare and an interest in winning national sports championships (or just the occasional neighborhood pick-up game), why not give it a try?

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