Tostitos Launches NEW Hint of Guacamole Chips

Tostitos Launches NEW Hint of Guacamole Chips

The chips we’ve all been secretly waiting and hoping for are finally here! Listen up all you avocado lovers out there because the team at Tostitos has just launched their newest flavor, Hint of Guacamole chips, and they are all the rage! Even the bag agrees and says, “We’re about to guac up your world.”


Did you ever think that there would be both chips-and-dip in one?! Well Tostitos did! Typically Tostitos has their chips and dips separate, but earlier this year, Tostitos released their Hint of Spicy Queso chips (tortilla chips with cheesy flavor).

So if you’re out of guac - I mean, definitely stock back up on it - but Tostitos has you covered because these chips are already packed with all the flavor with a taste of avocado, tomato, onion jalapeno and lime essence in each chip!

The 12oz bags are already available on Target’s website for $3.99 and will hopefully be hitting shelves near you soon! How excited are you guys for these chips?