Totino's Gave Us Pizza Rolls And Now They've Blessed Us With Pizza Sticks

Totino's is unveiling to pizza fans a whole new level of snackage, this time in the form of Pizza Sticks, according to Brand Eating.

The handheld sticks contain no surprises: just pizza toppings, sauce and cheese rolled into a soft pillowy crust.

Their taste should be on par with other Totino's products, and the novelty factor of a uniquely shaped pizza is always a plus. But most admirable about the sticks is that they probably won't be as viciously tongue-scalding as Pizza Rolls. Those fiery pouches, at the slightest pierce of a tooth, burst open like cherry tomatoes and ooze piping hot sauce that burns one's mouth like the fiery depths of hell.

This is my hope, at least. Still exercise caution on that first bite, though.

Totino's Pizza Sticks will be available in pepperoni and cheese varieties and will come in boxes of six individually wrapped pizza rods. There's no long-cooking-process nonsense, either; they'll be ready for consumption after as little as 60 seconds in the microwave.

Besides taste, portability is the main attraction of stick-shaped pizzas. You may enjoy them on your morning commute, while mowing the lawn or for sustenance while walking your dog, but the possibilities are truly limitless. Suggestions for consumption include, but are not limited to:

-Twisting stick into a shape, balloon-animal style.

-Brandishing stick like a sword at a worthy opponent. Winner gets both sticks.

-Losing all inhibitions and dunking stick into cheese dip.

-Hosting a dinner party and placing sticks into basket in the center of the table. Laugh at surprised guests as they bite into what they think is just your average garlic bread.

-Getting drunk and bravely challenging yourself to finish an entire box. They're 130 calories a piece, so you've probably done worse.

Catch them in freezer aisles now.

Bonus Totino's news: Bacon & Pepperoni pizza performed so well that it will become a permanent member of the Totino's fam.