Trader Joe's Now Heroically Offers Canned Wine For $4

Ah, Trader Joe's. What would I do without you?

When I was younger, you couldn't bribe me with enough candy and Lisa Frank folders to get me to willingly go to any store other than Costco, and that's just because my sisters and I used to make a game out of who could score the most free samples in under an hour.

As an adult, however, I almost find myself wishing sometimes that rather than meeting my friends at a bar, just once somebody would suggest going to hang out at Trader Joe's.

The supermarket is a bastion of affordable and high-quality food, and always stocks an assortment of random goodies that almost never fail to be supremely satisfying.

Latest on its list of magical offerings is its new line of canned wines, called, elegantly: Simpler Wines.

TJ's is selling the cans in four-packs for a measly $4, and they come in two different flavors: Simples Wines White and Simpler Wines Rose.

"Simpler Wines combine the convenience of a can with a delightfully quaffable, Italian vino frizzante (sparkling wine)," Trader Joe's writes on its website. "In Simpler Wines White, notes of juicy honeydew and fresh cut herbs provide sweet sippability, complementing such savory pairings as fresh bread & olives or Parmigiano Reggiano. The elegant, mineral notes and red fruit flavors of Simpler Wines Rose are a natural fit for fresh pasta, seafood or sweets."

What's more, the aluminum cans make an effort to be economically friendly, and double as both a container and a cup. They're also lightweight, which means you can truly just tuck a can into your bag and drink one on the go if you, like me, often find yourself in situations where a little pick-me-up in the form of wine wouldn't go unappreciated.

Are you excited about the new four-packs? I can see myself making this my new summer drink staple.