Treats to Gift the Teacher

Treats to Gift the Teacher

What’s that saying? An apple on the first day… keeps the bad grades away? Hey, we can dream that statement holds validity, but it’s fair to say a first day gesture goes a long way. Show our teachers some appreciation for guiding our future generations (and their ability to handle twenty-plus children at once). While a shiny red apple is a classic staple, why not mix it up? Below let’s explore teacher-approved gifts for the new school year.

1. Coffee Gift Card

Coffee Gift Card Set your teacher’s mornings up for success with a coffee gift card. Even if he or she is not an avid coffee drinker, they can still treat themselves to a morning breakfast sandwich or luxury decaffeinated drink. The price to spend is up to you, but remember, a little goes a long way. It’s the kindness that makes the impact, not the dollar amount.  

2. Mason Jar Filled with Treats

Mason Jar Anything mason jar related is charming, right? And filling a mason jar with food makes it that much better - M&M’s, mints, trail mix, pretzels, you name it. If you are really feeling crafty, tie a sweet bow around the lip of the jar and/or attach a personalized note of gratitude and wish them a great school year.  

3. School Supplies

School Supplies Kids are not the only ones back to school shopping. Little known fact, teachers are responsible for buying their own school supplies as well. Help them out by supplying markers, hand sanitizer, notebooks, highlighters, pens, pencils or whatever you deem best for that grade level.  

4. Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug Sipping a cup of joe out of a unique coffee mug is something we all love. This is a gift they can utilize every day, whether it be at school or home. Best part? With each sip they will be remembering this kind act of gratitude from your family.  

5. Card and an apple

Apple bucket What to keep it simple? Go the traditional route but with a personalized touch. Writing a sweet note not only boosts their mood, it creates a connection to the teacher prior to parent-teacher conferences.   Source,662141