Trix Cereal Changed Its Formula And People Are Mad! (Photos)

General Mills removed all artificial colors and ingredients from Trix cereal in January of 2016, but the internet seems to be freaking out over it now! There should really be a statute of limitations on how much time can go by before you realize you're mad about something. Anyhow …

Eater reports that the internet (mainly Twitter) is throwing some serious backlash at General Mills for changing the Trix recipe. You can get a glimpse into what's happening here:

You get the idea.

According to Fox News, the color change came when General Mills removed artificial colors and flavors and fructose corn syrup from the cereal. This was a step in the first wave of removing these things from General Mills' cereals, following the food trend that consumers were thought to be following. There is a health food trend happening, isn't there?

Fruit and veggie juices are now used to flavor, and spice extracts are used for color, so that there aren't any more unnatural ingredients in your cereal. Isn't that worth it? Remember when the ingredient lists showed Red 40 and Yellow 6? Yeah, no more of that. And hey, guess what? It's better for the kids!

The same types of changes were made to other cereal brands, like Reese's Puffs, Cocoa Puffs, Golden Grahams and a few of the Cheerios varieties. The idea is that General Mills will have all artificial ingredients removed from all cereals by the end of 2017. I think that's pretty amazing!

The Reese's Puffs and Golden Grahams (my personal fave) brands are using natural vanilla now rather than whatever artificial flavor was being used before. Seems to me, there are way better things to get riled up about. Then again, maybe if General Mills could at least get the Trix back into more fruity shapes, the masses could be a little more pleased?

I guess General Mills does have a challenge trying to find the right natural ingredients to get those colors back on track. Perhaps the hysteria will push General Mills into quicker action in making sure to duplicate the old, bright artificial colors.

In the meantime, they can look forward to comments like these:

Personally, I think they're doing a fantastic thing!