Truck Carrying Ice Cream Crashes, Spills $5,000 Of Dessert Onto Freeway

They flew from a trailer on the back of a pickup truck, soared through the freeway-polluted air and melted onto the road. They weren't witches -- they were packaged ice creams, and $5,000 of them at that.

Three refrigerators held the innocent ice creams as they were hauled by a pickup truck in Whitewater, California, in late August. All was well as the truck headed east on Interstate 10 until, well, things were no longer well, and the pickup collided with a stopped big rig, according to The Desert Sun.

No drivers or passengers were injured, but the same cannot be said of the pickup and trailer, which were destroyed. As for the frozen treats, all that remained were wrappers littering the freeway, a trail of melted ice cream and memories of sweeter times.

"It's better than hazardous material," police officer Darren Meyer said to The Desert Sun. "It's a little bit of spilled ice cream, but no one got hurt."

No one got hurt? What about the intended recipients of $5,000 in frozen desserts, Officer Meyer? What of them?

The driver of the pickup, who did not provide his name, said he was delivering the ice cream to a local school, which he also did not name. His uniform, as well as the refrigerators, had Mier's Ice Cream logos.

Officials from Palm Springs, Desert Sands and Coachella Valley unified school districts said they were not expecting an ice-cream shipment that day.

It is all very confusing.

The pickup truck hit a big rig that was stopped for another stalled big rig. The driver of the stopped rig was able to drive away after an investigation of the accident, but the driver of the stalled rig had to wait for a tow truck to pick up his vehicle. The stalled rig's driver, Arturo Palido, had been stopped for five minutes at around 6:45 a.m. and was putting out hazard triangles when he spotted the pickup coming toward him.

"I saw the whole thing flying toward me," Palido said. "I was running for my life."

The pickup's driver swerved to the right but still hit the stopped rig before flying off of the freeway. Traffic was backed up for about a mile, and the scene finally cleared at noon.

Meyer said officials would determine if anyone will be cited in the crash/gastronomic travesty.