Try Coffee Oatmeal To Kick Your Breakfast Up A Notch

There's a new trend sweeping the internet: coffee oatmeal.

It's safe to say that oatmeal is a breakfast staple -- it's warm, nourishing and will keep you full  all morning without packing on the calories. But the simple meal can get bland and boring pretty fast next to your morning coffee -- that's why we suggest combining the two for a little excitement.

It sounds a little weird to replace the hot water you use to make the oats with coffee, right? We know! It's a little radical. But the thing is, it actually tastes really good, and it might help you if you're one of those people who can never finish their morning cup of joe, or if you just need to mix things up once in a while. It's also a great way to actually enjoy the dreaded office brew that you can never manage to choke down.

The oatmeal adds a welcome creaminess to your coffee, but if you like an even richer taste, you can always add a dash of half and half, coconut milk or flavored creamer (we like hazelnut) and whatever else you have on hand, like a few toasted pecans and chopped fresh cherries. Delicious!

It's also a great way to make that instant coffee you never drink taste a little more palatable. We recommend mixing the instant coffee crystals in with the oats and cooking the mixture with milk instead of water.

Coffee oatmeal is just the tip of the iceberg. You can swap out the water in your oatmeal for tons of hot drinks -- we suggest using a chai latte (great with a shot of espresso), herbal tea like strawberry or apple cinnamon, or hot chocolate for a super sweet dessert.

The sky is the limit! Go forth and experiment with your oatmeal!