Turkish Man Shoots Fellow Diner Over Restaurant Bill Dispute

A man named Hasan Erdemir was fatally shot by his dining partner after paying the bill at a restaurant in Istanbul, The Telegraph reports via Turkish media.

Mr. Idris Alakus had reportedly been dining in the restaurant when Mr. Erdemir entered the establishment with two other acquaintances. Telegraph reports that Mr. Alakus and his initial dining companion, Savci Karabulut, invited Mr. Erdemir and his party to join them before the attack.

Mr. Alakus allegedly finished his meal and asked for the bill. Upon discovering that Mr. Erdemir had already paid, the two men engaged in an argument. According to the Telegraph’s translation of the Milliyet newspaper, Mr. Alakus “left the restaurant infuriated.”

Mr. Alakus reportedly returned to the restaurant later with a gun, and proceeded to shoot Mr. Erdemir, as well as his two friends.

The two unnamed friends sustained injuries, but reportedly did not receive any life-threatening wounds.

Following the shooting, the waitstaff reportedly rushed to Mr. Erdemir’s aid. Despite medical assistance, Mr. Erdemir died in the hospital.

NTV reported that Mr. Alakus fled the scene after the shooting, but has since been caught by local police and taken into custody.

Milliyet and NTV have shared clips and screenshots of the CCTV footage, which allegedly shows Mr. Alakus shooting Mr. Erdemir.