Twitter Debates The Correct Way To Slice Toast (Photo)

There are many research-based and pseudoscientific methods to describe an individual's personality. Any choice you make can be analyzed, magnified, combed for the inner workings to make simple the complexity of your personality.

Take a Myers-Briggs personality test to find out your ideal career. Choose any color and the Hartman Personality profile will expel a pie chart outlining the general description of your core. Shove your hand at a palm reader and she will divulge your future. Own a cat or own a dog. Pickles or pickles on the side.

Now, Twitter constructed its own Myers-Briggs test involving toast. A student club in Sheffield sparked massive debate by asking Twitter how they preferred their toast sliced -- cut diagonally, horizontally or vertically.

Twitter does not take kindly to some choices over others, so choose wisely because some options are more weighted than others, which is to say there is a correct way to cut your toast. So which one are you: a #1, #2, or #3?

If you chose #1, Twitter will say you're in the clear. The majority voted this one as the only way to slice your bread.

One user wrote "#2 is just basic," while #3 was coined as psychopathic, sociopathic and generally antisocial behavior. "People who slice their toast like number 3 will murder you in your sleep," another user wrote.

Another user asked, "What kind of Judas cuts it like number 3." It seems Twitter is insistent on #3 as the absolute incorrect way of slicing bread and urged everyone to stay clear of people with #3 tendencies. "If you cut your toast like Number 3 then please never eat toast again," a user wrote. "I mean -- imagine you met the love of your life and then you found out that they cut their toast like #ToastNumber3! You'd have to really examine your conscience with that one!"

One Twitter user wrote a short story summation of all three toast slices in his life. "Raised on 3, discovered 1 in my youth and have dabbled with 2 but really don't want to make it a habit."

But no matter how you slice it -- diagonal, vertical, horizontal -- it's toast. Just eat and enjoy.