Two Limited-Edition Oreo Flavors Are Debuting In June (Photos)

How does Oreo manage to surprise us with new flavors every few months? Cinnamon Bun and Filled Cupcake were just released a few months, weren’t they? You would think that the iconic cookie has run the gamut, but no, the iconic cookie is still going strong with not one, but two flavors debuting just in time to brighten our summer.

The Blueberry Pie Oreo will debut on June 6 exclusively at Target.

As this cookie consists of blueberry cream between graham-cracker-flavored cookies, it’s not hard to see why Target wanted this cookie to be sold only at their stores.  

The second flavor is an ode to childhood breakfasts, the Fruity Crisp Oreo.

Similar to the Blueberry Pie Oreo, this flavor also has graham-cracker-flavored cookies, but the cream filling will have pieces of "colorful rice crisps."

Debuting on June 1, the Fruity Crisp Oreo will be available at Wegmans, Winn Dixie, Price Chopper, and a few other stores for a limited time, according to People. Well, considering that I’ve never heard of any of those stores in the greater Chicago area, Oreo might want to rethink such limited venues in order for this flavor to be a success.

Which flavor are you hoping to try