Two New Oreo Thins Flavors Are Coming Soon! (Photo)


If there's one brand that takes pumping out new flavors seriously, it's Oreos.

Honestly, I can't remember a stretch of time that the classic cookie hasn't released a new flavor, whether permanent or for a limited run, for longer than a few months at most -- and I'm not mad about it.

Some Oreo flavors have been total hits; some have had surprising side-effects (such as the Peeps Oreo that turned people's tongues and poop bright pink, just like the pink creme stuffing); some have been absolutely disgusting.

So gear up, Oreos fans, and get your taste buds ready because this summer Oreos is releasing not one, but two new flavors -- only instead of in the standard Oreo form, it's the Oreo Thins that are getting the new flavor treatment.

As the Instagram account called The Junk Food Aisle posted, coconut and caramel Oreo Thins are coming to a snack aisle near you.

"Coming Soon! Salted Caramel & Coconut Oreo Thins! The images attached are just mockups and while I can confirm Salted Caramel will have a Golden cookie, I am only assuming a Chocolate cookie for Coconut," the Instagram photo was captioned.

While Oreos hasn't confirmed anything yet, these mockups look pretty convincing, and I admit I can't wait to try a crispy, crunchy ultra-thin caramel Oreo Thin when they come out!