U.K. Chicken Nugget Festival To Come This Summer!

Prepare your salivary glands. The Chicken Nugget Festival is here.

There's no need to jazz up what we have already come to understand as man's beloved comfort food, the bread, battered, deep-fried chicken nugget, so let's dive right in, shall we?

The people of London will be the first to celebrate U.K.'s inaugural Chicken Nugget & Wings Festival to be held on August 11, hosted by the food-loving community called "We Love Food." A gaggle of nugget lovers and so many different versions of chicken nuggets will be served along with lively entertainment.

DJ's, live bands, and an eating competition will be held to crown the Kobayashi of chicken nuggets. Winners will be enthroned as "Nugget King" and "Nugget Queen" with a "nugget encrusted crown" as a trophy, according to the Facebook event.

Not even McDonald's could reach this level of fast-food glory.

Nugget fiends have two chances to attend the U.K. event: one in London and one in Manchester on September 22. More dates to be announced!

When it comes to matters of meat, especially copious amounts of questionable white meat in tiny chunks, everyone wants in. Keep this in mind before you plan your trip to the festival because the event already has over 1,000 RSVPs lined up for the first wave of tickets (to be released shortly).

We Love Food will also be running a series of other colossal festivals to come this summer in the U.K. dedicated just to meat lovers. There's "London's Biggest Burger Festival" coming up in July and "London's Biggest Sausage Festival" in August.

Independent says We Love Food will be covering a series of cultural food festivals not limited to carnivores this summer. Events will be covering all types of cuisines and dishes from around the world! So far, there are talks of a sushi festival and cheese and wine event.

Your summer bod can wait another year.