Use This Hack To Get Fresh McDonald's Fries Every Time

When we want our fix of classic fast food french fries, McDonald's is usually the first stop on our list.

While there's nothing better than those crisp, warm, salty potatoes when they are handed to you straight out of the fryer through the drive-thru window, unfortunately, you cannot always predict whether or not your batch is going to be fresh, because McDonald's french fries aren't actually made to order.

To be honest, there is no drive-thru letdown more devastating than getting an order of unsatisfying french fries.

We can deal with a mediocre burger; we can cope if they didn't put enough ice in our soft drink. But bad fries are the worst.

Luckily, the good folks over at Foodbeast have come up with a hack to guarantee that you get yourself some fresh McDonald's french fries every time you roll up through those sweet golden arches.

The secret? Order your fries without salt.

Because McDonald's needs to respect your dietary preferences and needs, if you order french fries without salt, the chain will have to make your batch fresh to satisfy your custom request.

The best part about this hack is that it honestly doesn't contribute to food waste or make the already extremely hard-working employees have to work any harder.

Just make sure to thank your server for their help, and enjoy your fresh french fries!