Valentine's Day Food Bouquets Are Better Than Flowers (Photos, Video)

Flowers are so predictable.

Sure, they look and smell fantastic, but we've seen it all before. Spring is coming -- let's be honest, a floral arrangement in your house will just make everyone's allergies go wild, and really what use is a bouquet? It's not like you can eat it.

Unless your date gets you a chicken nugget bouquet, that is.

Just think, you too can be as romantic as the couple of the year and their love story for the ages:

Is this story calling to you? Is there someone in your life that would enjoy an arrangement made out of fried chicken pieces? Then hop on board the hottest, tastiest trend of the year and put together something delicious.

But just in case your Valentine has seen the viral story about the chicken nugget couple, you might want to put your own spin on things.

Maybe add some bacon.

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There are SO many awesome ways to give your date a bouquet that they can devour with gusto.

Want to make things look a little more traditional? Get some prosciutto or carpaccio or whatever your preferred sheet of tender meat happens to be, hold it down flat on a surface, and twist it into a rose. Below is the video of the slightly NSFW way to do it:

Once you master the technique, you can make something as absolutely gorgeous and romantic as this meat bouquet:

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Looking for more inspiration? Here are some amazing ways you can forget about fruit and flowers and get some seriously awesome edible bouquets:

This one is particularly awesome if your valentine is a fan of real (or fake) flowers, as you can simply mix it in with candy for a double-win.

My Christmas party piece de résistance #baconbouquet @kmarymo

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If somebody offers you this one, you should marry them on the spot. Just saying.

Or maybe just keep it sweet.

Let's face it: this person knows what their date really wants. Booze

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The most romantic Lunchable ever…

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Everybody knows the sweet-savory combination is where it's at.

You can even keep it simple and not even unwrap the food. It still looks amazing!

Whatever route you choose to take, we hope you have a deliciously romantic Feb. 14!

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