Vegans! You are Now Going to Have Your Own Dating Show

Vegans! You are Now Going to Have Your Own Dating Show

If you are a vegan, you ought to have heard of Plant-Based Network, the popular vegan television network. That’s right, the one which has recently made its debut on Roku streaming. Well, they are here with some good news! They have recently announced their forthcoming dating show The Vegan Cupid Show. The show will be hosted by Karine Charbonneau, the vegan professional matchmaker.

Curious to know the format of the show? Well, the show will partly be a talk show and will partly be the dating game. What makes it all interesting is that it has been made exclusively for vegetarians and vegans.

So the way show will work is the Charbonneau will be setting up one lucky bachelor or bachelorette with one of the three potential matches.

People are also going to be interviewed about their thoughts on vegan dating, love, and relationships

So get ready as the vegan fun is about to begin this week itself. Charbonneau will be hosting an exclusive mixer in Los Angeles. At this mixer, she will be interviewing potential contestants for the exciting The Vegan Cupid Show. However, there is still some time in the filming of the show as it is taking place in Los Angeles later this year. You can catch the Plant-Based Network on several platforms. These include Roky, Apply TV, the Plant-Based Network website, and Amazon Fire.