Victim Of Candy Theft Receives Loads Of Kit Kats

A few days ago, we reported that Kansas State University student Hunter Jobbins was the victim of candy theft.

Fortunately enough for him, even though somebody did break into his car and steal a Kit Kat in his cupholder, the thief also left a hilarious note, and left everything else in Jobbins's car intact.

Relive the glory (below):

Jobbins' tweet about his candy being stolen went viral; viral enough, in fact, that the Hershey Company actually picked up on the news and decided to make Jobbins' dreams come true.

"Who steals someone's Kit Kat?!" Popsugar reports the company as tweeting. "WHO DOES THAT?! Shoot us a DM and we'll replace it for you."

And would you believe it, folks, the company lived up to its promise; Jobbins' car has officially been filled up with 6,500 sweet, sweet bars of Kit Kats, which is more than enough, we're sure, to make up for the one measly one that was swiped to quell that petty thief's hunger. 

To his credit, Jobbins decided not to scarf down the thousands of Kit Kats all by himself in one go (like we would have attempted to) and shared Kit Kat's kind gesture on Twitter.