Video Shows Epic Showdown Between Del Taco Manager And Customers (Video)

Thanks to the power of social media, Del Taco now has one less employee. A manager at an Arizona Del Taco was fired recently after a video of him shouting obscenities at drive-thru customers went viral (video below).

The video, which was posted to Vimeo on April 27, shows the manager yelling at customers who asked for sauce with their order.  Aptly entitled, "Confrontation between Del Taco drive thru and customers who didn't get their sauce," shows the employee shouting, "I don't give a f***, bro," before claiming that he can't be fired because his dad is an "owner."

Oh how wrong he was.

Soon after the video went viral, Del Taco issued a statement saying that they were "appalled" by the manager's behavior and he was fired "immediately" following the incident. Watch the YouTube video below for the full experience, and don't forget the sauce!

Warning: Video below contains sensitive content.