Video Shows Mysterious Pulsating 'Frankenstein' Meat (Video)

A video that surfaced online shows a slab of raw meat that appears to pulsate.

In the video (below), the cut of meat looks like it's pulsating repeatedly and having small spasms of movement similar to those of a beating heart.

The footage, taken by a woman in China’s Shandong Province, quickly went viral and caused many to question the reason behind the pulsating “Frankenstein” meat. Some have suggested that the steak was infested with maggots.

“Understandably horrified at the situation, (the woman) chose to record the event, rather than eat it,” Chinese news outlet CCTV wrote alongside the video on its Facebook page, reports Mirror.

“I am turning into an vegetarian after this,” one viewer said on social media after the video went viral.

Watch the strange footage below.