Waffle Recipes Perfect For Your 'Stranger Things' Party||Waffle Recipes Perfect For Your 'Stranger Things' Party||Waffle Recipes Perfect For Your 'Stranger Things' Party||Waffle Recipes Perfect For Your 'Stranger Things' Party

Waffle Recipes Perfect For Your 'Stranger Things' Party

Exciting news!!!

"Stranger Things" is back! I repeat, "STRANGER THINGS" IS BACK! Well, almost. The Netflix show makes its triumphant return to your home theater on Oct. 27, and I am READY.

If you've been paying attention to the world at large, you probably know that "Stranger Things" is as good as it gets, and those kids are a gift to the world. And after the sci-fi series left us with a handful of unanswered questions, it's finally time to return to the Upside-Down, check in with the Demogorgon and hopefully figure out exactly what happened to *ahem* that character.

If, like me, you're going to be stress-eating, I highly recommend you have some snacks on hand for your marathon, so that you don't end up losing it and pulling an Eleven in your local grocery store just to score some waffles.

Eleven may be an Eggo girl -- and hey, there's no shame in that -- but you might want to step up your game a little.

Make some waffles of your own to celebrate the new season and also to make sure you are prepared for whatever crazy stuff they're going to throw at us this season.

Note: Any of these waffles can be mini-fied for optimal snacking -- either use a mini waffle maker or make regular-sized ones and slice them up with a pizza cutter.

1. Spiced Stout Waffles

How do you get fluffy, yeasty waffles without spending ages on your batter? Beer, of course! With a sweet, chocolaty stout and bold spices like cinnamon and cardamom, this sophisticated waffle is perfect for kids and grownups alike.

2. Cheese and Bacon-Filled Waffles​

You don't even need to make waffle batter for this sinfully scrumptious snack. A can of crescent rolls is the perfect match for fontina or Gouda cheese, crumbled bacon and bourbon maple syrup to top it all off.

3. Pineapple Coconut Macadamia Nut Waffles With Pineapple Syrup

In case the cold weather outside and chilling storylines on TV bum you out a little, this is the perfect summery pick-me-up.

4. Waffle Bread Pudding

If you make too many of any of these, fear not! Stale waffles make for delightful bread pudding. Waffles are truly the gift that keeps on giving.