Walmart Is Selling Fruit Punch Pickles ... Ew? (Photo)

In what is clearly either the work of the devil or a genius pregnancy craving gone completely off the wall, Walmart is now selling fruit punch-flavored pickles.

No, it's not a joke -- this is a real thing, at least as far as I know.

According to Delish, the superstore released their Great Value brand jars of "Tropickles" on July 14 as an extra special summer treat, so if you're craving some sweet brined cucumbers, get them while you can.

"The modern-day couple, the pickle and fruit punch met on social media (they bonded over recipes on Pinterest, to be exact); now, we are celebrating their union on Walmart store shelves," the store said in a statement, as reported by Delish.

The pickles are being sold in approximately 1,400 stores and cost around $2 a pop.

Now, if this all sounds a bit zany to you, you must not be from the South.

Koolickles -- aka Kool-Aid pickles -- are typically soaked in cherry Kool-Aid and consumed around the Mississippi area. I'm no pickle person, but I hear that they are pretty good, especially if you love sweet/salty foods, kind of like relish.

Can't find the Tropickles near you? Here's how you can make your own Koolickles, courtesy of Serious Eats:

Start with a half gallon jar of salty dill pickles, either whole (it will absorb less Kool-Aid, so maybe only do this if you're going to keep them a long while) or sliced lengthwise into halves or spears. Don't use sweet pickles, because the salty dill brine marries perfectly with the sweet "red" flavor.

Dump your brine into a bowl and stir a packet of unsweetened red cherry (or tropical punch, if you want to be more like the Walmart variety) Kool-Aid and a cup of sugar into the brine until it is all dissolved, then put pickles and brine back into the same jar. Close it up tight and put it in the fridge.

Leave it there for about a week, turning the jar once a day. Then, enjoy your bright red snack!

There are a ton of variations on this recipe -- for instance, you can use lemon-lime Kool-Aid with no sugar and get an extra-sour pickle, or you can abandon the artificial colors and use something like pomegranate juice or a different fruit combined with beet juice for a similar taste.