Walmart Knows If Your State Loves Hot Dogs Or Burgers (Photo)

Between elections, politics, statistics and more, we've seen plenty of divides among states. Now it's time to talk about one that's especially interesting (and relevant during grilling season): our great nation's inclinations for hamburgers versus hot dogs.

Walmart has rung in the summer with an interesting state-by-state study of meat preferences, tracking its nationwide sales of burgers and dogs for one month. The results show that only 11 states prefer wieners to patties, according to Brand Eating.

Among those states who pledged allegiance to the dog were Alaska, Hawaii, Michigan and Alabama.

Out of 39 burger-loving states, Texas (unsurprisingly) bought the most hamburger and hot dog buns for its meaty endeavors. Florida came in a close second.

Hawaii showed the most equal preference out of all the states for hamburgers and hot dogs, but the condiment battle was not nearly as close. Across the country, ketchup clearly beat mustard for America's favorite spread.

Walmart also kept an eye on side-dish sales and found that each state likes to pile plenty of potato salad and coleslaw onto their plates of grilled goods.

The store did not provide much commentary with their study, so I'll contemplate some of the underlying implications of these results.

It makes sense that burgers lead the nation in grilling purchases, as the burger is an even more versatile palette than the hot dog. While hot dogs can be piled to the sky with kraut, relish, chili and more, burgers have the luxury of being much more malleable. For one, their flavor profiles can be completely changed with various types of seasoning, cheese, vegetables, proteins and breads. You can stack meat, avocado, red onion, bacon, lettuce, tomato, an egg and mayo on a burger, but you just can't do the same for a dog.

It's only fitting that ketchup trumps mustard, as only a brave minority can tolerate the horseradish quality of the yellow condiment. And coleslaw and potato salad are refreshing yet indulgent, so it's no surprise they're two favorites.

If this post has you yearning for the grill, check out this recipe for bacon-wrapped hot dogs and cheeseburger sliders, and have a happy and safe Fourth of July.