Wanna Drink Ramen Beer? Cause You Can (Photos)

Ah, instant ramen noodles and beer, the breakfast of champions.

If you ever lived in a dorm with nothing but a mini fridge and a contraband water heater for a kitchen, you've probably lived that cheap noodle life and washed it down with a can of … well, something. You might have even found that the pairing worked unexpectedly well, not that you would have even cared.

Should you want to relive those days, you're in luck. On June 10, The Collective Brewing Project, a brewery that specializes in "Funky and Sour beer," released Cup O'Beer, a gose brewed in 55 pounds of actual ramen instant noodles. Wild, right?

"Former starving college kids, rejoice," Draft Magazine said in an Instagram post announcing the new release. " … Additions of lime zest, ginger, coriander, lemongrass and seaweed-cured sea salt give the gose a briny, limey kick, but the starchy noodles pack the real dorm room nostalgia. Just don't let the RA catch you drinking it."

It costs $7 per 500 milliliter bottle, and the brewery describes it on their Facebook page as tasting "light and tart," which sounds pretty standard for a gose. Unfortunately, the Fort Worth, Texas-based brewery's creation is not being distributed nationally, so you can probably only find it in the Lone Star State.

How does it taste?

So far, two separate accounts on Instagram have described it as "delish" and "delicious," while another said it was one of their "all-time favorites," so that's a good sign, right?

Those who didn't taste it, however, had a wide range of reactions.

"It sounds intriguing no doubt," one person wrote. "I'd drink it!"

Another asked, "Is this real?" and multiple people called it "genius."

"There is a God!" another person wrote, while somebody remarked that it is "a great time to be alive."

"I must have this!" said someone else.

Not everyone was sold on the idea.

"That sounds f***ing terrible…" wrote one person, while another said, "idk about it."

One creative-thinking chef said that they "would love to use this as fortification in a dish or bowl."

What do you think? Would you drink ramen beer?