Wanna Eat Healthy? Try Warm Cutlery

Did you know that you're supposed to eat your food with forks, spoons and knives that have warm handles? There's a new cutlery with warmer handles for children, which is said to slow down their eating speed to help curb obesity. Interesting.

Metro reports that COZY Cutlery has created sets of spoons and forks that can be warmed up by placing them in the microwave before use. Pop them in for 15-20 seconds and they're ready to go!

The idea is that eating more slowly means eating less. Children who use COZY Cutlery's forks and spoons will ideally eat less if said forks and spoons are warmed before use. Who knew?

This cutlery is not yet available to buy, but will be featured at the Imperial Festival in London on May 6-7. In the meantime, there are probably other ways to test this theory. Try finding some plastic ware (something safe to microwave, of course) and see what effect it has on your test subjects (aka, the kids). Heck, why not even test it out on yourself? I'd be game. 

If you're questioning the logic behind this, it might help to know that Harvard Health also reports that eating slowly may help you feel full faster. According to Harvard, the feeling of fullness has as much to do with the brain as it does with the gut. Hormones are set off while you're eating, communicating from digestive tract to brain about how satiated you are. I guess chewing more slowly allows time for your body to respond to what it's receiving.

These types of studies don't quite account for how susceptible some of us are to the smell of sweets, the sight of chocolate, or how much we crave a yummy burger just because we see someone else eating one. Maybe that's why this test is for kids. One step at a time, right?

If you're curious about this methodology, try eating slower and see what it can do for you. Allow yourself the time to savor every bite. It may even make eating more fun!