Want Free Burgers For Life? You Just Have To Do This One Simple Thing

You just have to get a life-size tattoo of a burger. That's simple, right?

According to Metro News, Australian burger joints Café 51 and brother restaurant Burger Love are running a promotion where anyone who gets a life-size tattoo of one of the burgers from their menus gets a free burger every day for life. To apply, you must register online, prove you’re over 18 so that you can legally participate, and then design your tattoo based on your favorite burger.

Participants must also make sure their tattoo includes the Burger Love logo, or else it’s all for nothing. According to Burger Love’s Instagram, only 10 entries will be chosen as winners.

Now, as Mashable reports, there are some rules. You can’t just get 3 burger tats for three free meals a day for life (which may be considerably shortened on that diet anyway). You can only get one burger tattoo and one burger a day. It has to be life-sized and, as I mentioned earlier, has to include the Burger Love logo. Put it in an appropriate place so that you can show a burger staff member your tattoo in order to reap your reward.

As it happens, thousands of burger fans are showing their interest. If everyone doesn’t get a tattoo, at least everyone will be buzzing about Café 51 and Burger Love. That’s what marketing dreams are made of.

“To date we’ve had over 3000 applicants,” Café 51’s Steve Agi told Mashable. “Never expected such a massive response but I guess it’s testament to how passionate people are for our burgers.”

Passionate, indeed. I can’t wait to see all of the burger tattoos that should be popping up all over Instagram in the near future. And they won’t all look alike, either. Burger Love offers a pretty impressive variety on their burger menu. They even have a deep friend burger…completely deep fried.

Keep your eye out for delicious looking tattoos to pop up on the internet soon. In the meantime, I’m going for a burger.