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Warm Yourself Up With 14 Delicious Hot Chocolate Gifs

Here's a little something special for you, to get you through the chilly, crisp fall days:

That's right, let us pour you a mug full of warm, rich hot chocolate.

Grab your mug and kick your feet up by a nice warm fire with us.

Because what is better than basically a mug of melted chocolate bars?

It's just so warming and comforting and delicious....

So go ahead and pour yourself a cup.

Don't forget the whipped cream.

Or the mini marshmallows, if that's your thing.

Make sure you pile on a ton of them.

Add on some cute heart-shaped ones if you're feeling extra fancy.

We just love when they melt and get all creamy and frothy on top.

Sooo goood.....

If you're really feeling special, you can just go ahead and dump a bunch of hot chocolate over ice cream -- we certainly won't stop you!

Drink up!