Watch As This Guy Ruins People's Instagram Food Photos (Video)

Food photography is getting out of hand. Everything, including our food, is boiled down to documentation via Instagram. You can't go through brunch without someone snapping a picture of their mimosa or a perfectly plated avocado toast.

But one guy found a way to stop his foodie friends from Instagramming their plates. It's called "mushing." Watch as he ruins his friends' food photos just seconds before taking the picture (video below).

Yes, Instagramming your food has become a bit of a faux pas, but I've got mushed feelings about this. The guy's mushes get progressively destructive, especially at the tail end of the video, where his friend's food gets flung off the table, and he ends up losing half his cookie! And the "third victim" gets her lava cake mushed -- which kind of defeats the purpose of the dessert.

Reddit had a field day taking sides on who is in the wrong. One Reddit user said his foodie friend "broke it down" saying: "Look, I share these pics with my friends so they have a great idea about where to get some good food. When I see their pictures, I'll often go to a restaurant to try what they had because it looked so good." Another user made a case for food picture-taking if it's submitted to apps like Yelp.

On the other hand, food snapping is seen as silly and according to a Reddit user, "the reason they do it is because it gets them likes and makes them feel validated. Nothing more nothing less." Users shared their experience with friends who compulsively take photos of their food, even at fast-food restaurants. "One girl sat there checking her likes while we ate. One stood on her chair to get a better photo. One guy did it in McDonald's. Seriously, he shared a photo of his McDonald's. People do it."

Wherever you stand relative to this guy's compulsion to ruin people's Instagram food photos, it's still rude to mess with someone else's food. There are ways to make a point about social media photo ops without flinging cookies and mushing lava cakes.