Watch Gordon Ramsay And Julia Child Face Off In A Culinary Rap Battle (Video)

Have you ever found yourself wondering who would win in a rap-battle between culinary icons Gordon Ramsay and Julia Child? (video below)

If you answered, “yes!” then not only are you not alone (which is kind of weird) but you now have the ability to watch it all unfold online.

Thanks to the work of the team at YouTube channel "Epic Rap Battles of History", a 3-minute music video exists which depicts the notoriously passionate Gordon Ramsay voicing off against the late queen of cooking shows, Julia Child. And it gets heated.

If I’m being honest, the most arresting aspects of this video stem from the two actors’ mostly spot-on accent imitations. On first view, none of the video’s visuals or lyrics resonated with me because my reaction to Child’s and Ramsay’s voice-likenesses hitting me in sing-song was so primary: they nailed their impressions.

Check out the video below for yourself:

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