Watch Gordon Ramsay Teach You How To Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs (Video)

Just like with rice, it seems there are an endless amount of different techniques out there of how to cook scrambled eggs (video below).

So if you’re going to defer to anybody, why not Chef Gordon Ramsay, whose Youtube tutorial has garnered up almost 16 million views since being uploaded in March 2011?

“I think there's about 15 million people online who have [watched] that scrambled eggs video. And it transforms the way you eat eggs. Incredible,” Chef Ramsay shares with Popsugar.

“It's a kind of rich, sumptuous way to eat scrambled eggs even for dinner, even with all the steps. It's just delicious on sourdough bread. My video, with 15 million downloads on YouTube, I burn the f*cking toast. I'm not so far down my backside. I make mistakes. I just start again. It's funny. I'm so into my scrambled eggs, focusing away. Fire alarm is going off and I burn my toast.”

Check out the celebrated chef's unconventional — but undeniably masterful — method below: