Watch How They Celebrate Thanksgiving In Space (Video)

Have you ever wondered how astronauts practice Thanksgiving? The rest of us get time off to be with our families (for the most part), but of course those in space don't have that luxury. So what do they do?

Well, they celebrate in their own way. Nasa has shared a video on YouTube answering just that, and when you watch the video below, you’ll get to learn all about Thanksgiving for astronauts in space. Spoiler alert, they watch football too!

The Space Station Commander starts out by letting us know that the crew will have a dinner. Great news already! The dinner will consist of most of the things we’ll have with our own dinners back home. The main course will be turkey, but with a space twist on it. It’s dry packaged and will be heated up to taste just like ours (maybe …). Cherry blueberry cobbler will be for dessert, and candied yams out of a pouch will be one of the side dishes. The dehydrated food (we knew there’d be some!) will consist of cornbread stuffing, green beans and mushrooms and mashed potatoes.

I’m not much of a fan of dehydrated foods, but I’d be curious to try each of these in the Thanksgiving fashion. I imagine it’s all great when you’re up in space and not used to eating much else. Still, nothing will compare to mom’s home cooking when they touch back down. For those Southerners who love their sweet tea, don’t fret. These guys get that, too. Sweet tea with lemon is available in packets for them to wash down their feast with.

You know that awkward moment at home when you have to go around the table and say what you’re thankful for? Well they’ll be doing the same up in space, except their answers are probably pretty interesting. I mean, they’re up in space!

And what Thanksgiving is complete without football? That’s right, they’ll even be watching live football, needed to “complete the experience.” Watch the video below to see the neat little food packages that we described above!