Watch: How To Butcher A Jackfruit (Video)

Jackfruit may be one of this season's hottest foods, but it's also the most intimidating. As the largest tree fruit, jackfruits have a spiny green exterior, can weight up to 80 pounds, and frequently reach 20-30 inches in length, making them more than a little frightening to those of us for whom peeling a mango presents a challenge (video below).

Unfortunately, however, considering the hype surrounding the gargantuan fruit, we’re not exactly willing to leave well enough alone. Jackfruit is known for its intensely fruity flavor, and can be used in a wealth of exciting recipes, from jackfruit upside-down cake to vegan barbecue. All this excitement makes jackfruit a virtual necessity in our summer pantries, but while some grocery stores sell pre-cut jackfruit, we are of the firm belief that freshly cut fruit is always better than its pre-packaged counterpart.

Luckily for our taste buds, we found a detailed video on how to actually open this massive bundle of goodness. Jackfruits are available at most Asian grocery stores — just be sure to select a yellow, fragrant fruit in order to ensure that your conquest is ripe. Watch the clip below, and then get cooking! We guarantee that the exciting boldness of the fruit and your adventurous cooking will impress even the most cynical of your friends and family!