Watch Kids Try 100 Years Of Cookies With Cookie Monster (Video)

Finally, a video of kids enjoying 100 years of desserts! Usually they try different appetizers and entrees, but watching them enjoy eating cookies is so much better.

In the video below by Bon Appetit, kids learn about 100 years of cookies alongside Cookie Monster. Be warned, this video will make you start craving sweets. I suggest grabbing a nice box of Girl Scout cookies (it's that time!) before sitting down to watch.

The first cookie is from 1910, and it's called a Mallomar. If you haven't heard of it, they describe it as pretty much what it sounds like: a marshmallow cookie. The little girl in the video mentions that it's "the brother of a s'more" after tasting it. Sounds good to me!

The decade of the 1920s brought us the classic sugar cookie (the most boring kind of cookie, in my personal opinion), and the boy says he loves them. More exciting, however, is the era of chocolate chip cookies! While many things were going wrong in the 1930s, they got this so right. Chocolate chip cookies are an absolute crowd-pleaser.

Cookie Monster breaks out the milk for the chocolate chip cookies, but everyone is too excited to try the cookies to even notice the milk. The kids bring up a great point about the 1940s-era animal crackers -- why aren't they called animal cookies rather than crackers? Hopefully, their "animal cookies" chant gets them some attention for a name change.

The Milano cookies appeared in the 1950s, another instant classic. The "little delicate cookies" are thoroughly enjoyed by a very messy Cookie Monster. The Nutter Butters of the 1960s are peanut-shaped peanut butter cookies with peanut butter filling -- did I say peanut butter enough? Finally, the milk comes into play, when one little lady who thought she didn't like peanut butter realizes that Nutter Butters are actually "so good!"

Fortune cookies make their debut in 1970, and all the fun is in the actual fortune when it comes to these. The biscotti of the 1980s isn't much of a hit, probably because this Italian cookie should be soaked in either milk or coffee to be truly enjoyed.

The Black & White Cookie debuts in the 1990s, and macarons become a major hit in the 2000s. The macarons are the perfect little cookie for the kids to practice eating like Cookie Monster! Finally, the 2010s bring us the much-loved cookie cake, perfect for all ages. Check out the video to see more.